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Participants’ feedback

Huge thanks to everyone who filled out the feedback form. Below are the participants' comments (unlike a certain notorious report, with the exception of two names blanked out this is a complete, unredacted version).


I really appreciate this bootcamp because all the lecturers are highly devoted and the topics are relevant to my research and systematic.

excellent organization, the most professional and knowledgeable instructors I could wish for, the best experts in the field in one place...all this makes this event  the most unique academic event on Quantitative Methods in L2 research ever

Extremely well planned and organised summer shool with substantive high-level workshops improving my knowledge & skills.

Very timely with interesting presentations and discussions

Great opportunity for a discussion on so many different methodological issues!

Well organized and a great mix of instructors and topics. I really learned a lot. Mike, your evening walks were an unexpected and very personal, generous addition. It was a pretty packed schedule and I started to feel a bit fatigued. I wonder if scheduling more down time, and/or even starting a little later in the morning might have been a good idea. The heaviness of the food also made it difficult sometimes. I know it's Polish food, and it was tasty, but it would have been great to have more fresh salads and maybe some fruit. These are minor issues. Overall, the bootcamp was really excellent. Thank you so much for all the hard work and for this opportunity.

I found each course informative, and I will be able to apply the methods discussed directly to my research. I was very happy with the combination of critical reading of research in the field, theoretical discussion of quantitative methods, and hands-on practice. The summer school was also a really great opportunity to network with peers and senior researchers.

The workshop was very good. The catering could have been better.

More courses with Sefan Gries (he has less hours than the other instructors and it would have been, at lest for my own learning, beneficial).

Timing and ordering of the workshop lectures-- some courses felt like they built on other ones (ie Gunnar's --> Stefan's) and others felt like the material was stretched out to fill more sessions than necessary (ie. --------'s)

I enjoyed the workshop immensely. The organization was great.

The bootcamp has offered a wide range of topics concerning L2 research, and some of the courses have been more complex than others. However, I have the impression that sometimes they could have been more practical, and especially in the regressions course, most of us would have benefitted from a more paced teaching and more step-by-step guidance.

less hours

The variety and quality of the bootcamp was really high. I learned a lot from all of the courses. Last summer I attended a similar event at another university in the UK and would say I benefited much more from this bootcamp because of the level of variety and the overall expertise of the course leaders.
I also benefited more because input was directly relevant to my own research interests.

A short introductory session would have been nice, to get to know other people's names/research topics. A moderate amount of free time would have been useful (e.g an hour here and there to reflect on what we are learning and how we can apply it to our own research). And more fruit/salad/healthy choices for coffee breaks, lunch and tea would have been great.

the length of the courses could have been shorter

In general, very useful and informative workshop.

You were able to bring together great participants and lecturers. The schedule was rather tight. I believe it is hard to provide a true hands-on experience in a group of 30 people, but some lecturers managed to do that. All the social experience was superb.

More/longer breaks, an afternoon off in the middle - more time to discuss the projects and prepare the classes, a more diverse instructor panel, e.g., a female professor

The workshop was excellent. What could have been also included is some time to work on our own data with guidance and customized advice from the instructors.

Overall, the workshop was informative.

I think putting the relevant sessions of one workshop more closely together would have provided for a slightly better degree of continuity. For example, have Gunnar's session, say, Monday morning, Monday afternoon, then Tuesday morning, Tuesday afternoon, and then have Stefan's sessions follow him on Wednesday and Thursday. That way, the sessions that thematically belong together would be together, and that would have given instructors a way to build on each other's sessions more. Nonetheless, I think the bootcamp was a success.

Overall it was an incredible experience, professionally and academically.

It was really worth it, what I learned will be useful for future research design and statistical analysis. It was well organised. The interaction with everyone was nice. 

I got the impression that some courses targeted groups with radically different skills in statistics, from very basic (Jacob) to fairly advanced (Gries). In addition, the rhythm of some classes (--------) was too slow, far too much time being devoted to discussions among participants which would be repeated in identical terms only a little later.

It was a great workshop overall. I would have liked to have a bit more time to digest all the input, e.g. one afternoon of. I thought that it could have been nice to schedule the flashtalks at the beginning of the bootcamp in order to get an idea of each others projects right away.